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Radio and TV Production

Radio Production: As an independent producer, we offer in daily, weekly and one-off programmes; live and pre-recorded; in studio and outside broadcasts; huge concerts to intimate sessions; multi-stage festivals to specially commissioned pieces; events and awards shows; travel programmes of scale; artist profiles and entertaining documentaries ranging from the very niche to those of broad popular appeal. Whether you need some fresh new radio jingles or you are a Pro DJ wanting to make your gig really stand out...

We create radio advertising for Radio Stations, advertising agencies, and direct to businesses.
At Urban Creatives we work closely with you or your client to ensure we provide the most effective and creative radio commercial to maximise brand awareness and increase footfall.

Pre Production – Our experienced writers will create a concept in script form, from the brief you provide us. We will obtain any clearance legally required from RACC (Radio Advertising Clearance Centre) and then once approved by you or your client, it will then be sent to our producers to work on.

Production – Our team of producers will cast and record the right voiceover to compliment your image and campaign. They will also source the perfect piece of library music and sound SFX’s and then mixdown.

Post Production – Once Produced we will then send to you for approval and then if you wish, we will send on direct to the transmitting radio station.

Have a listen to our snapshot demo to give you an idea of how WE do radio advertising.
You'll hear how our audio imaging sounds, and get an idea of what we can do for you....