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New Media

Many of us are so excited about the technology and web , that we forget key pieces to success: definition of business goals, objectives and overall process for execution. The old “fail to plan, plan to fail” comes to mind. While you need to create the roadmap for your online business – you must certainly decide on what goals and resulting metrics you want to attain.

Most major brands have a social-media strategy aimed at consumers. Social media, although a relatively recent phenomenon, is becoming an increasingly important part of any business’s marketing and client base development platform. The perception of social media marketing has shifted quickly—no longer viewed as a trendy or passing fad, having a flexible and well-managed presence in each of the “big three” (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) has become a must for any business seeking to secure a place in both the traditional and digital marketplace. What could once be accomplished by a traditional website now needs to be supplemented by a robust and responsive utilization of the tools social media offers. Navigating this strange, new world can be quite confusing at first, so we are here to help get your business up to speed. We will assist in creating, developing, and maintaining your company’s social media marketing presence. We centre on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks”.

Urban Creatives can help you increase the activity around these top goals:
• Website traffic and user behaviour (external and internal tracking)
• Conversion and sales tracking
• Page views, ad exposure
• Growing brand awareness (a softer value, takes longer to build)
• Creating a positive brand association and keeping it there (see also reputation management)
• Business development and a broader customer reach