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Our brand identity and brand image research and analysis is completely objective. The irony is you do have something to say. Even if your product or service is like your competition's - your company and its brand identity and brand image have a personality all their own. Your company's fingerprint is the key to standing apart from the rest. And that's where we can help. We can close the gap between your brand identity and brand image.

Delivering a fully integrated marketing communications program for your company and its brands is what we're all about. With us as a resource, your brand will take on renewed strength and vitality, as it stands apart proudly showing its vibrant brand identity, brand image and personality.

Brand Equity, Branding Value = Building Brand Identity and Brand Image
Urban Creatives has created The Brand Masterpiece, a proprietary process that, when professionally executed, delivers a clear and measurable competitive advantage to your firm. It does so by helping you establish a positive connection and value-relationship with your customer, which, over time, will build brand equity and increase brand value. Once this value-relationship is established, both internally and externally, it can be measured, monitored and enhanced periodically, as needed, to strengthen your brand effectiveness and increase your bottom line. Whether you’re building a new brand or energizing an existing one,
Using a grading scale of 1-10, we test vital aspects of your branding (identity/brand image) as it relates to:
• products or services
• target markets
• messaging
• communications.

We’ll conduct interviews with management, marketing, sales and other key employees. We’ll uncover segments of company operations that can do more to nourish the brand, helping you pinpoint areas ripe for improvement.